Our Story

When you have your babies, your world shifts ever-so-slightly on its axis.  And there, in this new space, we were very lucky to find each other.  Like-minded in every possible way; we came together as mums and found that our career experience and ambitions slotted perfectly together.  We both knew great design. We both wanted to surround our children with creativity.  And we both saw the pleasure that unique independent brands could bring to families like our own.
POP was born.  Instantly capturing hearts and grabbing attention like a feisty, one-of-a-kind second child.  We love what we do.  And it comes across in every part of our business. In our personal commitment to our customer service. In the tenacious energy with which we pursue new products.  And in the exciting ideas that spark in both our minds at precisely the same moment.
In 2019, we opened our first shop in Oxfordshire, showcasing the very best, hard to find toys, gifts and books from the most exciting independent brands.  And in 2020, we won the Platinum Junior Design Award for best children's lifestyle retailer. As our families grow, our business grows too. We look forward to sparking joy in you, and your POPettes, for many years to come - with more wonderful stuff you never knew existed.
Happy Shopping