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My Stylish Friend: helping women to find their style mojo!

My Stylish Friend: helping women to find their style mojo!

We can't believe 4 weeks have already passed since our Fashion Re:Boot event!Fashion Re:Boot

We were lucky to have Sophie from My Stylish Friend at the event to give help and advice with what suited us and what looked good. The service she provides is brilliant, every woman at some point in their lives will have a bit of a style crisis and need pointing in the right direction. So here is a little bit about what Sophie does and can do for you.

Sophie My Stylish Friend

My Stylish Friend is your friendly, approachable and affordable personal stylist and personal shopper, based in the Cotswolds, who will help you find and understand your style, understand and dress for your body and lifestyle and make you feel confident and fabulous.

Here is how it all started...

Tell us a bit about yourself... I am Sophie, a Mummy, personal stylist, shopper and writer living in the Cotswolds.

What did you do before 'My Stylish Friend'? Before I became 'Mummy' 5 years ago and before my life and body was taken over by two very large bumps (one twin bump!), I was Sophie the stylist and writer, living the high life in Dubai. I worked as a Fashion and Beauty Editor for HELLO! Magazine, stylist for TV commercials, advertising campaigns and magazines including Time Out, as well as personal styling and shopping for many people including a member of the Dubai royal family.

Those were the days... When personal shopping in Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales or interviewing Manolo Blahnik were just regular days at work!

My Stylish Friend

So what made you change your career and start My Stylish Friend? After having my first child Leo, I continued to freelance as a magazine writer and stylist here in the UK, living now in the Cotswolds. But when my twins Amelie and Archie came along work became the last thing on my mind. For the past few years I have been lost in a world of tandem breastfeeding , jealous toddler mania and way too little sleep!

So a few months ago, after nearly five extremely tiring years giving more than 100% to my children and answering to "Muuuuummmmmmy" more times a day than anyone should be expected to cope with, I decided it was time for Sophie to emerge again and I set up My Stylish Friend which combines my styling skills and wealth of fashion experience/knowledge with my experience as a mum and ever changing body confidence.

How do you feel My Stylish Friend can help women? As My Stylish Friend I am helping women find their style mojo and be confident in themselves, their clothes and how they wear them. We all deserve a wardrobe that fits, flatters and makes us feel fabulous. I offer personal styling services, shopping services and gift packages including one-on-one personal styling consultations and personal shopping trips, wardrobe consultations/detoxes, express styling services for specific occassions, a virtual Pinterest online shopping service and group styling parties.

I want to help other women and Mum's stay sane and stylish from bump to beyond. As well as regular styling I also specialise in maternity styling and new mum styling, to help women navigate their way and style throughout motherhood and the ever changing 'mummy tummy' body!

My Stylish Friend

Sophie offers the following styling services;

  • One on one personal styling consultations and personal shopping sessions.
  • Wardrobe consultations, helping to make your wardrobe work for you, de-clutter and understand what additions you could make.
  • Capsule wardrobe sessions, learning to shop efficiently and cost effectively for you and your lifestyle.
  • Online personal shopping using Pinterest
  • Express 2 hour styling and shopping sessions for specific occassions or outfit requirements.
  • Group styling parties, event and workshops. The group parties can be tailor-made to suit individuals to groups.

The group styling parties are a great introduction into what Sophie offers and can do for women...

You get together with friends at your home and Sophie will come along for 2 hours and discuss all things style and fashion. The sessions can be tailored to your group by theme, topic, season etc. She brings along clothes to inspire and style tips and fashion advice galore. Sophie will also spend a short time with each person individually. My Stylish Friend's group styling sessions are the ultimate girl's night in or afternoon tea party.

My Stylish Friend

Check out Sophie's website and give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

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