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With Easter holidays just around the corner, and the unpredictability of the Great British Weather - we're hatching a plan for both indoor and outdoor activities to help keep the POPette's entertained and to keep us sane (although the latter is questionable). 

So here it is, our top 5 Easter Activities for you to try out. 

1. Make Your Own Easter Bunny Hats
Easy DIY Easter Bunny Party Hats - check out The House of Lars Built Blog
2. Easy Easter Rocky Road
Easter Rocky Road
Potentially for one after Easter when you're desperately trying to use up all those left over Easter Eggs - but this Janes Patisserie recipe is a clear winner
3. Make Your Own Easter Cards 
Easter Cards    
Let the little one's loose to make their own Easter Cards with these adorable Washi + pompom stickers 


4. Create a Cardboard MasterpieceCardboard Woven Eggs

Create a masterpiece with these wonderful cardboard eggs by the awesome @cardboardfolk.  Simply cut out a giant egg shape from an old box, make some big holes and let grab some chunky wool. You can even paint them before. 

We love Kathryn's top tips for weaving like this with chunky woo - big holes, wrap the ends in tape to stiffen them and so they don’t fray as you’re pulling it through, do the holes for either horizontal or vertical first and thread them before doing the other direction, otherwise there are too many holes for the kids to keep track of!

5. Grow Your Own

We won't lie, we're not the most green fingered, however we love creating these little pots, with pompom bunny tails and cardboard bunny ears. We've used them to plant sunflowers and even a few vegetables. Cress is also a winner as it grows super fast for the slightly impatient amongst us.


Hoppy Easter! 

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